Our Team

Don & Debbie Lynn

Though Don & Debbie have always felt a Kingdom call, it really wasn’t until the fall of 2011 that things started to take shape. After having gone through a spiritual reawakening process, God led them to Heart of the City Church in January 2012. It was during this time that God started to reveal His Plan for their lives.

Don met with Pastor JO, lead pastor of Heart of the City Church, upon their return from their 2nd trip to Honduras in April 2013. Don shared that he and Debbie were being called to the field in Honduras. He explained that they felt that they would be working with orphans and deaf and special needs children but it wasn’t until Pastor JO mentioned the possibility of a church plant, that the missing piece fell in to place.

With a clearer picture of what this journey would look like, they prayed and moved forward with His Plans.

Now, the time has come and in October 2016, Don & Debbie and their time will begin their time in Honduras. But this is just where the journey begins….

Our Team: Don & Deborah Lynn, Senior Pastors ; Benaiah & Sarela Cheevers Youth & Children´s Directors

Benaiah & Sarela Cheevers

Benaiah & Sarela each have a unique background with serving in the church and doing missions. Together they serve directing youth and children´s ministries for us. Benaiah’s missions story began when he was attending an Awana camp at 12 years old. Even then, God was planting seeds that wouldn’t come to bear for nearly a decade. At that time, the Holy Spirit revealed to Benaiah that he would be reaching out to Spanish speaking people. Fast-forward to 2012, Benaiah learned of an opportunity to serve on a short-term missions trip with Heart of the City Church to Siguatepeque, Honduras. During his first trip in April 2013, God revived and began to affirm Benaiah’s call to serve Spanish speaking people while working with deaf and special needs students at Escuela Especial. Since his first trip, Benaiah has served on two others in July 2014 and May 2015. Benaiah recently graduated from the University of Idaho with a BA in Spanish and Latin American studies. Sarela has been serving her own country and God's Kingdom as a missions translator since the age of 15, but has always had a heart for the Lord. She has a heart for youth ministry & evangelism. It was the Gospel that brought her and Benaiah together on the missions field her in Honduras. Her and Benaiah met in April 2017, and were married June 8th, 2018. They have been serving side-by-side in Honduras for more than a year now.